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Digital Photography Tutorials

The tutorials I write are based on my photography and techniques, which you may find a little different:

Being self-taught, and mostly in the digital age, I embrace the full potential of contemporary cameras and digital workflow; I don't have one foot stuck in the bygone days of film. 

I'm not obsessed with equipment, I never set out to shoot at 4am, and I don't use Photoshop.

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I mainly practice landscape, nature, objective abstract and architectural photography, so my writing will tend to be biased towards those genres to some degree.


Posted by   Pete on   Nov 18, 2010

In this tutorial, I compare the various designs and formats of digital camera, outlining their strengths and weaknesses.

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Posted by   Pete on   May 30, 2015

Composition - The Most Important Aspect of Photography! Rule of Thirds; Golden Ratio; Spiral; Fibonacci; Lead in Lines; Figure-to-Ground; Negative Space - From Rules to Creative Freedom!

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Focusing and Depth of Field

Posted by   Pete on   May 8, 2014

Focus modes, separating focus from exposure, where and how to set focus, subject priority focusing, bokeh, depth of field focusing, hyperfocal distance, depth of field at close quarters and more.

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Exposure Explained

Posted by   Pete on   Nov 29, 2012

Other photography tutors refer to the "exposure triangle" which has three nodal components - aperture shutter, speed and ISO. Although this introduces the variables of exposure, it does little to…

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Exposure Compensation

Posted by   Pete on   Dec 12, 2012

When and How to Use Exposure (EV) Compensation: Exposure compensation is fine-tuning exposure to compensate for situations where your camera's metering system does a poor job.

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Exposure Optimisation

Posted by   Pete on   May 28, 2013

Optimising exposure and the quality of your RAW files to deal with high contrast scenes, combat noise and obtain the highest quality post processed images.

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Coming soon ....

Shooting JPEG or RAW?

Speed and pragmatism, or maximum data for and optimal post processing options? That sums it up. I explain the pros and cons and give my thoughts as to the best photo taking routines for each format.


RAW workflow: Post processing with Adobe Lightroom and preparation of purpose dedicated images for internet and print.