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Photography Courses:

Friendly one-to-one tuition courses at your home or office.

Master your camera and shooting routines for beautiful photos!

One-to-One Photography Workshop

A One-to-One Workshop is 4 hours of intensive photography training at a selected outdoor location in North West England.

Each location has been carefully selected for its accessibility and abundance of photographic subject matter.

You can also share the workshop with a friend at no extra cost. However, it is not available to large groups.

Costs are the same if you wish to share tuition with a partner, friend(s) or relative(s) - See more at:

Why is this Better than Other Workshops?

You learn more about photography!

Time and Numbers

Other photography workshops can have up to 10 (or more) attendees, each of which has to share time with the tutor. As a consequence, clients often learn very little - even from an excursion lasting days!

A PhotoBoffin One-to-One Workshop offers efficient learning with 100% of my attention and no time wasted.

It's 4 hours of intensive, on-location training tailored to your individual requirements.

You'll learn lots more than sharing with several other strangers.

Pragmatism and Convenience

There's time to travel to the location, do the 4-hour workshop - including a quick lunch break - and get home before the rush hour!

And if you choose to share with a friend or relative, you're collective requirements are usually similar and there's no extra cost.

Utilise the Full Potential of Contemporary Digital Photography

My tuition embraces the full potential of contemporary cameras and modern digital workflow. I don't have one foot in the bygone days of film.

Workshop Structure

To start off, we discuss the genres that inspire you and then cover workflow options, appropriate camera settings, shooting routines for optimal focus and exposure, and - the most important part - composition. (You can read a detailed list of tuition topics at the main tuition page.)

Next, as we walk, you get to put it all into practice by taking some photos with me on hand to encourage you, suggest subject matter for your images and ensure your thorough understanding of what you're doing and why.

The selected locations have lots of subject matter for photography, and I will show you exactly how to create great images from it all.

When convenient,  we take a quick lunch break and discuss your progress and priorities for the balance of the workshop.

Lastly, we conclude the workshop as discussed, including a quick post processing lesson using Adobe Lightroom, if requested.

One-to-One Workshops - Anytime

These one-to-one workshops are available all year round.

They begin at the location meeting point at 11am and conclude at 3pm, giving ample time for the workshop and daytime travel.

Hebden Bridge

Hebden Bridge is a lovely old market town in Calderdale, west Yorkshire. The workshop features the Rochdale Canal and passing through the town at Calder Holmes Park and other options. Click here to read more.

Denford, Leek

This workshop involves a two and a quarter mile circular walk along the beautiful Calden Canal network at Denford near Leek, Staffordshire. Click here to read more.

One-to-One Workshop - Scheduled

These one-to-one workshops are only available when I am on location in a particular area. More information coming soon.