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Photography and Our Digital World

July 12, 2011 at 1:24 PM

I've been interested in photography from childhood, and before going digital, have owned a succession of cameras comprising of 35mm compacts and SLRs. I first came across the concept of a digital camera in the late 90's and was initially reluctant. Not because I was dedicated to film, but because I didn't "get" the concept of viewing photographs on a computer that, before the prolific significance of the internet, had been used only for business accounting, invoicing, graphics and word processing.

By 1999 however, I was a regular user of the internet and my laptop accompanied me everywhere. It then suddenly made sense to have my photographs on the medium I was spending my time with, rather than a folder of 7x5 prints!

Since then, I haven't ever considered returning to film.

For me, digital made total sense: I got to see my images straight away and give them critical consideration as soon as I transferred them to my laptop. Also, the exposure, focal length and other technical details are recorded in the EXIF data with the image file. And I could take as many photos as I wished - for free! As a consequence of these advantages, my photographic knowledge and ability progressed far quicker with digital than it had previously with film.

Digital photos are very versatile: You can optimise them using editing software, send them via email, display them on the internet, use them with graphics, and much more!

Of course, there have been arguments in favour of the characteristics of film, but now digital cameras have image stablisation and much better sensors, together with the versatility of shooting RAW, such intransigent fondness for film seems nothing more than nostalgia - putting it politely. 

For most of us, professional or otherwise, the practical versatility of digital photography is unequivocal.

As digital camera technology has developed (pun intended!), along with that of computers, the internet and our digital world, so has the popularity of photography!

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Peter Finch

I am an independent digital photography tutor and writer from Irlam, Manchester, England. I offer one-to-one photography training in Greater Manchester, Cheshire and other north-west areas. Click "Tuition" on the main menu to read more.



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